Wednesday, February 13, 2013

5 Things

Cardigan old?/Jeans Express/Shoes F21
This was my attempt at using the self-timer to take my photos. Needless to say, none of them turned out very well.  There are days when it is difficult to get a photo session in, so I should probably take a cue from some other blogs and not do outfit posts everyday...
I also want to start something new on my blog. I couldn't think of anything clever so I will just call it 5 things.
5 things I love about my sister:
1. She taught me the important things in to apply fake lashes, the importance of wearing sunscreen, the use of feminine products ;). Of course there are other (debatably more) important things, but I would like to leave those between us.
2. She will listen to me complain/rant/drone on without giving me a hard time. She knows when I just want to vent and don't necessarily want to hear what I should do. She also gives really good advice when I do need it (she is one of the smartest people on earth). 
3. She is hilarious, even if I am sometimes the butt of the joke.
4. She makes me think. Ever since I can remember my sister has made me defend my opinions, answer hypotheticals, pick a side (as mentioned before I love the grey area), ponder the meaning of life, etc.
5. She gave me the best nephews and niece that a Titi could ask for :)
I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so I got a kick out of this link my sister sent me.

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