Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Things

Dress Old/ Cardigan Nordstrom/ Boots Michael Kors/ Necklace Nordstrom
I will continue my "five things" posts this week with five things I love about my husband...without giving TMI :)
1. He is very funny and has the best smile and laugh!
2. He works hard and takes pride in everything he does.
3. He takes the time to let me know that he appreciates me.
4. He corrects my spelling, grammar, punctuation, definitions of words, etc., but still says that I am the better writer/smarter because I used to get sixes and he only got fives from the senior English teacher (if you went to high school where we did you get what that means).
5. He is thoughtful and supportive of everything I do, perhaps with the exception of shopping.
Of course I could keep going forever, but I will stop at five for your sake. Thanks for reading!


  1. Tell Nick that I said, "Nana nana boo boo, I got my 5 before you!" Seriously though, you look pretty! <3

  2. Tell Cassandra that I said, "It's only because you are going in reverse order of people you like best!" So I guess that means that we can all expect Dexter next week? Looking forward to it! -NCH

    1. Just wait you two...for every nice thing I say there will be an equal but opposite post. 5 things I hate about...bahahaha (insert head thrown backward witch laugh)

    2. I will be impressed if you can narrow it down to five...

  3. Where is the "dislike" button? Lol. - Matt