Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer dress for wine tasting


Dress: BCBG (purchased at outlet)
                                         The guys trying to figure out how to play bocce ball.
Christina and I taking a "selfie" while the guys explored.
Enjoying a glass of wine on the beautiful grounds of one of the wineries.
Towards the end of the day :)
Nick and I had a very fun and relaxing weekend. I started the weekend off right on Friday with a shopping date to the outlets and mall with my friend Melisa. We may or may not have stopped at my favorite cookie place where I definitely did not purchase 6 cookies!  On Saturday our friends Christina and George came down for a day of wine tasting. Christina prepared some little snacks and we sat on the patio of a gorgeous winery, enjoying the company and of course the vino. After that we headed back to our house for a BBQ, card games, more wine, and tons of laughter. We absolutely enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to do it again! Finally, on Sunday we headed to my aunt and uncle's to swim in an attempt to beat the heat. Melisa, Nick, and I floated around for several hours, while her poor hubby and Nick's friend worked their butts off in the orchard. Hopefully they will be able to join in the fun next time. I am excited for the holiday weekend, as I know you all are. Have a great week.

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  1. Your dress was adorable (and such a steal) and we had a blast with you guys on Saturday!