Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Striped Shirt and a Hard Lesson

Shirt JCrew/ Shorts Loft/ Sandals Target/ Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs

This shirt has helped to teach me an important lesson....but it all started with the first couple of weeks of beginning my blog. I was doing some "research" on how to maintain a successful personal style blog (which really means looking at the FAQ lists of extremely popular blogs). Most all of them had a common theme when responding to the question, "What are your suggestions for having a successful blog?" The answer always being something along the lines of "be yourself." I found this to be kind of annoying, since OBVIOUSLY you would be yourself....it's your PERSONAL style blog. Fast forward a couple of weeks.....

I think that I started the blog with the best intentions, really showcasing my personal style. I wasn't seeing an increase in my followers, but I was seeing an increase on other sites of people who dressed very similar to the "popular blogs." At this point I somewhat subconsciously started dressing like the "popular blogs" about 15-20 percent of the time. There are several issues with this and I don't think that I need to state the obvious. So, back to the shirt. I saw this shirt on a couple of different websites and really loved the coloring. It went on sale for a pretty good deal so I scooped it up. After wearing it all day and looking back at pictures I realized that although it may be cute, I was attempting to wear it in a way that wasn't necessarily true to my style. Fast forward to today....

I've realized that I was focusing on the wrong aspects of blogging, instead of just having fun.  I may still have a relapse in my thinking (I am human), but for now I will try to maintain my current state of mind.  I think it is wonderful to gain inspiration from others and if you love the shoes someone is wearing, buy them. But also take the advice of "being yourself." :)

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I love your top! It's super cute!