Thursday, March 21, 2013

Talk nerdy to me...

Shirt Free People/ Trench Express/ Jeans 7FAM/ Shoes Aldo/ Bag UO

The strings hanging down from this top kind of look like suspenders, which I didn't notice until I uploaded the photos. This somewhat nerdy ensemble reminded me of a themed birthday party that Nick and I recently attended, which included dressing up as a high school stereotype. I dressed as a nerd and decided that my actual glasses were nerdy enough, so just added a little tape. When I got there another party goer told me that she bought a pair of nerd glasses for the party too! I just had o laugh, knowing that my actual glasses are rather large.  I also first learned about and participated in a Harlem Shake video. I think I must live under a rock to not have heard about that before a couple weekends ago. 

Side note: I hardly ever straighten my hair, so of course I chose a rainy day to finally do so!