Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Floral + 5 Things

Blouse Old/ Cardigan Loft/ Scarf Nordstrom/ Jeans Express/ Shoes Steve Madden/ Watch Michael Kors

I guess I should have looked in the mirror right before we took photos...Nick failed to let me know that my scarf was askew. I am having a hard time not transitioning to full on Spring clothing with the nice warmer weather that we have been having.

Five things I love about my mom's side of the family (I thought it was only right if I even things out)

1. I have an aunt and uncle who have been there for me more than just the traditional sense of the word. Many of my fondest childhood memories occurred at their home, either during overnight stays, dinners, or summer babysitting. They continue to be a strong presence in my life. They are my model for what a marriage should be, how you treat others, and how you support the ones you love.

2. I have an aunt that has always been the "fun" aunt. She is my Disneyland buddy and I wouldn't have it any other way. She always took the time to support me during the volleyball years, traveling to out of state tournaments. She continues to be another guiding light in my life. I know that if I ever have a problem I can ask her for advice. She also makes me really cute aprons!

3. My mom's side of the family is loud, opinionated, and sometimes obnoxious...but those qualities make them that much more endearing. They tell it how it is and it is refreshing to have such honest people in your life.

4. They know how to party! Nobody has ever accused my mom's side of throwing a boring get together. I think we might have one of the wildest Christmas ornament exchanges around.

5. My mom's side is just like my dad's when it comes to the importance of family. I may have family dinner night with my dad's side, but I have Sunday bowling with my mom's! I feel lucky and blessed to have such a huge and loving extended family.