Monday, January 28, 2013

Pucks and watermelon crawl

I experienced two new things this weekend...a hockey game and a home and garden show! After running 10 miles on Saturday (the half marathon is next weekend, yikes!) I spent the day at the local home and garden show with a friend and her family. After shopping the day away Nick and I headed to my oldest friend's birthday party and did a little line dancing. We continued the birthday celebration with dinner and a hockey game. I am a big fan of sports, having played volleyball in college, and hockey is added to my list of well liked sports. I cant believe it is legal to take gloves off and punch an opposing team member. I only have a few photos to share (Nick and I at the hockey game and some of the group line dancing). I tend to be the person who is having too much fun to stop and remember to photograph the fun that is ensuing. :-) We also got a new computer, so I am hoping to have some higher quality photos for you all soon!

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