Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New years resolutions

I am not a big fan of new years resolutions, but I made a few anyway. I do wish that all of the people whose resolution was to go to the gym would give up already. I know it's mean, but my classes have been so full! I like to have enough space that my sweat isn't flying off and hitting others in the face.

In case you were wondering I made two resolutions. The first one was to save more money! My husband really liked that idea. We did a lot of spending at the end of the year for the wedding/holidays and now that it is all over and paid for I feel like I can start fresh. My second one is a little more complicated, but mostly has to do with minding my own business and not letting things bug me. I know that we have complete control over how we let others affect us, but it is still not an easy task. Perhaps my resolution should have been to learn the correct use of affect/effect and commas :-) Did you have any exciting resolutions/plans? Please share!

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