Thursday, June 13, 2013

Striped Dress + Coral

Jacket F21/ Dress and Shoes Target/ Necklace Nordstrom/ Watch Michael Kors/ Bag TB
So, I have a confession...Whenever a new trend comes out (i.e. peplum, colored denim, etc.) I have a tendency to buy a ton of stuff. Remember when cropped sweaters were all the rage about 7? years back? (guess who has a bin full of them) I am also a bit of a clothes hoarder. When you add up the trend purchasing and hoarding, you're left with a pretty full closet. I have been making a conscious effort to not "over buy" when it comes to a trend. I am proud to say that I have limited myself to a few items. The next couple of sentences are meant to be purely observation, not criticism. There are other blogs that I look at and lately I am finding myself uninterested. I think it might be the overload of "trends." So I apologize if you want to see the latest and greatest everyday, but I think that some days we need to put down the chambray or peplum top, colored skinnies, and statement necklaces (myself included).  Thanks for reading!

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  1. I always love looking at your blog! You always show off great outfits and look amazing doing so. You are doing such an awesome job!!