Thursday, September 5, 2013

Night Out



Dress Astr via Nordstrom/ Shoes Shoedazzle/ Bag Marc by Marc Jacobs
 I've got some wild hair to match my wild dress!  Here is one more of my strengths/themes. I hope that you will be able to survive the weekend without knowing the last 2....
It's very likely that you consistently strive to improve yourself personally and professionally. You are inclined to target your shortcomings rather than enhance your natural abilities. You aim to minimize your limitations or eradicate them altogether. You think this is a small short-term plan for reaching your long-term goals. Driven by your talents, you intentionally take steps to be the mastermind of your future. You refuse to leave your destiny to chance. You probably resist placing it in someone else's hands. You trust your own intelligence and imagination when setting a direction for your life. Chances are good that you channel your mental and physical energies toward what you can accomplish in the months, years, or decades ahead. The question is this: "How far into the future can I think before my ideas start becoming vague or uninspiring?" Because of your strengths, you are eager to get started on a project once you realize what you can accomplish in the coming weeks, months, or years. You work very hard to breathe life into your big dreams. These often push and pull you into the future. By nature, you naturally spend a lot of time creating innovative ideas about what will be possible. When you concentrate on your areas of mastery, you frequently exhibit the behaviors of an inventor, a visionary, or a dreamer. You usually think about using your finely honed--that is--sharpened skills and knowledge in ways others have not considered. 


  1. Perhaps one of your best dresses!

  2. Awesome dress and shoes! Beauty.